#astateoftrance – All the way to Manila for #AOMNL Armin van Buuren!

This is a very different trip than any other trips I’ve done before and it might not be the usual trips that people will do as well. Last year, when I knew about Armin Only Intense tour is coming to Asia by end of May, and only in Manila and Taipei, I was so excited about it. I bought the ticket and book the trip without second thoughts even though it’s by myself (as none of my friends really appreciate trance music or is crazy enough like me). My #fangirl dream came true.

About 8 years ago, I first heard about Armin van Buuren, fell in love with trance music and never looked back. Since then I’m a die-hard follower for his radio show, A State of Trance. I finally saw him for the first time when he came to Kuala Lumpur for ASOT650, however due to some incidents during that show, I believe ASOT will never come to Malaysia again. In the meantime, I heard about his worldwide tour Armin Only Intense. Watching all the YouTube videos about the tour made me so jealous about it, and I was hoping he able to tour in Asia, and finally yes, he is coming!


I was suppose to be very tired on that day, as I start flying since noon, reaching Manila in the evening and stuck in the traffic for hours. I’ve yet to redeem my ticket but still have to meet with a friend for dinner. But I have to say, Filipinos are the kindest person I ever met, so many people helped me along the way (a girl even gave me her contact lens solution just because my eyes were so irritated after hours of flight and restless schedule, some Samaritans also lend me his powerbank to charge my dying phone so I’b able to take all the pictures for the night, help me to catch whenever transportation that I can get in the early morning after the show to the airport) and I made it to the show on time, and even space for me on the front row.


Amazing opening, with lots of anticipation. 

aomnl04 aomnl05 aomnl06

The stage production, soud and visual effect are beyond amazing. He flew his whole crew along all over the world for this tour, and also the equipment, guaranteed the quality of the show. However, it’s Armin, no matter what, he’s always the best, turning the world into a dancefloor. One word, INTENSE.

aomnl08 aomnl07

One of my favorite moments of the night will always be Ping Pong. It’s the highlight of the show, and everyone is so into it. Not to mentioned as I was just right at the barricade of the middle of the stage, they were just right in front of me. I was so distracted hence I only manage to capture the picture of Eller van Buuren having fun (which is a very talented guitarist, brother to Armin)


And I missed the opportunity to get a selfie with him – Trevor Guthrie (#fangirlfailed)


This is one of my favorite and unforgettable travel experience – less than 15 hours in Manila (as I fly to Boracay straight after the show). I don’t know how to describe my journey, music still lingers in my mind actually. It keeps me wanting more, and pushing me forward. Whenever I’m feeling down, I keep reminding myself of this awesome experience that I’ve made it for myself.


#ultimatefangirl dream came true when I manged to get my tank signed.

Back then, I can only dreamed about going to his show as I can never afford it when I was a student and it’s always so far away in Europe or US. And now, I able to fly to another country, standing at the front row watching him, enjoying the time of my life, and still couldn’t believe the fact that he is performing right in front of me. The experience is surreal, very surreal. I couldn’t quite believe that I’m actually in the scene.

It made me realized dreams do come true if you really want it badly. I even flew to Amsterdam for Armin Only Intense Final Show last December. I couldn’t be grateful enough for all the opportunities I get and I will never take it for granted. It might be just a party or less favorable music for you, but this is my dream, on my bucket list. Yes, my dream came true now, thank you Armin for being my inspiration and motivation in life.

Can’t wait for the next show that I able to attend!


Jo. xx

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