Antananarivo, Madagascar – Ain’t like the movie. (ii).

I guess it’s all about embracing the unknown. We wandered, we asked and we are still clueless. The locals been pointing us to different directions, the road sign ain’t helping at all and not to mention the simplified map.

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We saw the cutest cab ever, feeling the 60’s vibe along the way, while the driver keep persuading us to hop on his car when there’s 5 of us. We asked for his direction and he is kind enough to show us the way. So we keep walking.. and walking and you know the deal.

a6c0df5e-e22b-4244-9ee2-0c0ef381fadfThis is the first sign we saw after we asked for direction. We wanted to go Analakely and really happy to see it on the sign. But after 10 steps ahead, we saw another sign instead and it made us laughed.

afb1ea60-56c7-4551-a2af-90d21902003bNow, we want to go to Rova instead as it’s on our list as well. So another local saw us and offered to help us. He said Rova is just around the corner, not too far from where we were. We decided to change our route and go to Rova instead. We came into conclusion that we shouldn’t trust them when they said it’s near. As we walked for two hours but no where near to where we suppose to be. We walked up the slope and passed by some posh area, the houses are really nice even compared to those in the modern city. We were saying we can’t afford any of those houses and wondering who staying in that nice place.



I was wondering, when most people are staying in the wooden made hut that wasn’t even secured with stones, this stone wall is too much. There are some consulate places around, and really quiet mansions.

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But just right opposite the mansions, we saw the local kids hanging around, and some families taking shower in the public. It’s really common for them to go without electricity or clean water at home. We’ve encountered electric supply shortage three times a week when we were there. But as a city kid, I can’t imagine the life at all. It is part of their daily life, they do their laundry by the open water pipe from the mansion, playing with the sand and there goes a good day. They never lose their smile but I think they deserved more than that. The gap between the society and massive imbalance development in the country causing the indefinite poverty and wide disparity between poor and rich.


We forgot how long we’ve been walking for, I assumed it’s been two to three hours at least since we left our hotel, and finally we reach to our first destination – Rova.


Rova is the observatory deck located on top of the hill. From here you can see Tana is surrounded by hills, and the houses are packed in the center of the city.


And our final destination for the day (or our actual destination) is the Queen’s Palace located on top of the hill. More walking to go.

To be continued, again.


Jo. xx

2 thoughts on “Antananarivo, Madagascar – Ain’t like the movie. (ii).

    1. Yes indeed, it is a shock to see the difference between poor and rich, I see it truly in Madagascar and India and it gave me impact. However, I would love to go back to Madagascar as I didn’t manage to get out of the city during that trip, there’s so much more to see! They probably the kindest people I met before, and I love it very much!


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