Berlin – my life-changing travel experience. (i).

You probably get my story by now (if anyone ever reads it), I traveled to a place when I least expected it. Of course, I don’t know much about Berlin before I went there. Everyone heard about Berlin wall before, so am I. I was a kid when the wall came down, I barely had any memories that time. But I heard so much about that wall, it makes me curious about the story, so I went for a pit-stop (one week pit stop instead) and fell in love with the city. Now namely one of my favorite city in Europe.

It was the first leg of my Europe trip after I moved to UK. I had few weeks off for Christmas and study week hence I took the chance to travel in search for my white Christmas. I didn’t quite make it for the white part, but I had a wonderful Christmas, it was the magical feeling being in Europe for Christmas.

Berlin 02

I didn’t put much expectation towards Berlin, as I thought it just another city. I don’t celebrate Christmas, I just love the holiday. My main purpose for the trip is for the hope of snow and authentic German Christmas market. I have a thing for Christmas market because I love Gluhwein and German sausages, and also Jagermeister for all above.

When I first got to Berlin, I can’t remember any of the station name. I got lost so many times yet the Germans are kind enough to show me way. But then they will ask me, why are you doing here alone? I said, I’m having fun. I was having so much fun indeed in Berlin. It changes the way I travel. I’m much more comfortable travelling by myself for longer terms, I partied harder than before, I want to see much more! I’m blessed that I’m travel at this age, as sometimes I met younger or older people during my journey, the story that they shared with me moves me. It reminds me that I should travel more when I’m still young, else I might not able to see everything that they’ve told me. Despite of all the nervousness and fear, I’m always glad I traveled to the place.


So in order to have fun, I partied much more. I basically partied throughout the trip as Berlin is one of the best party city in the world. They have the best clubs, open till morning (not just early morning, but proper morning). I ditched my accommodation on my last night after partied through last few nights, partied till early morning, went straight to train station and jumped on the train to Prague just to see the scenery via Dresden. Those are the crazy things I’ve done in my younger days.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI like the fact that Berlin gave me the impact of contrast. People recreate their life and history. They might have the history that no one can forget about it, but they embrace it and live with it – say Hitler’s last bunker as a parking lot. They tell the story and learn from it. I didn’t went for the concentration camp as I’m not interested in seeing that part of history become a tourist attraction. I like the fact that, people remembers it.

I met a Turkish taxi driver who drives me back to my hostel early in the morning. He was telling me that how much he loves Berlin hence he decided to stay in Berlin and learnt German. He even wrote poems and published book on his own in German. He said, if you really love something, you love all of it, you don’t choose just one of it. That’s how he show his passion towards his love, by writing a book and poems about it. I admire his passion and dedication. And another boy who I met during a night out, he said he likes Berlin a lot hence he stay in Berlin to learn German. He asked if I have any interest to stay in Europe after I finish my study. I said, honestly yes, but the visa will be a huge problem. He told me that, if you really want it, no one can stop you. I never thought that my Berlin trip will turn out to be inspirational.


To be continued.


Jo. xx

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