Amsterdam – Between the canals and stopovers

Personally, I don’t like Schiphol Airport (or any other airports, I just don’t like airport). However, I think I’ve been to Schiphol Airport the most, other than the ones at my home country. Hence why, Amsterdam has a very dear place in my heart. I had a lot of great times there. But whenever I’m in the Netherlands, I always head to Den Haag instead, as that’s where my sister stays. I don’t spend as much time explore the city other than my first time there and also during my last trip when I was in the Netherlands again last time.

Amsterdam 01

I would describe Amsterdam as very instagram-worthy. I love how effortless the city is, and how liberal it is. Basically the whole country makes you feel very care-free and you feel like you can do anything (other than walking on the bicycle lane). It’s always crowded in the city, there’s always something for you to do, something interesting for you to explore. You even want to challenge yourself along the borderline of controversy, but nothing is wrong with that as long as you know what you’re doing. I’ve tried what I need to try, but glad to say I don’t like it and even allergic towards hash. And by the way, I have no problem walking down red light district by myself.

Nonetheless, you can spend a week in the city without feeling boring or you can easily explore the city within 24 hours. Mind you, it might cause you to fly back to Amsterdam soon as you feel like there’s something more you want to explore


With the beauty of Amsterdam, I bet any amateur photographers will be able to take some postcard worthy pictures. Me, for example. Okay, the windmill isn’t located in the city center of course, but it’s not too far away from Amsterdam central (20 minutes train ride I think?). Actually the Netherlands isn’t that big to explore, the public transportation is so so so convenient and some other cities actually pretty interesting as well.

But Amsterdam itself has so much to discover. You can walk around the parks and markets (which is my favorite thing to do), go to the museum (I’m not a museum and attractions kind of girl so I skipped those) and of course, PARTY. Dutch throw the best party in the world, hands down. I love trance music, electronic music and Amsterdam is like the mecca for me as my favorite DJ on earth is from the Netherlands. I was lucky enough to be able to go to his show last year, and my dream came true. (I will write a separate post about it as few words aren’t enough to describe my excitement).

Amsterdam 03

So, how can I not love Amsterdam, or the Netherlands? If I’m able to move to Europe in the future, I would love to live in one of those houses next to the canal in Amsterdam. Walking by the canals is my kind of romance, just by strolling around it, passing by those fresh flowers stalls, watching the boats cruising down the canals, occasionally bicycle bell rings. I like the contrast feeling of the city, where you can still feel a hint of history but everyone around you is so modern.

Some of my favorite places in Amsterdam 

Vondelpark – Loving the green space there, it’s a perfect place to sip a glass of Dutch beer under the sun, or picnic! Biking through the park is a breeze.

Jordaan area – The hipster area! I love walking down the area and stumble across some interesting cafes and art gallery. There’s a lot of modern art galleries that open to public. Not to mention there’s some cool vintage stores for some thrift hunting.

FOAM Photography Museum Amsterdam – I’m glad that I visited this museum during my last trip and I really like it. I was so lucky to stumble accross Vivian Maier’s exhibition when I was there. There are a lot of awesome photographers exhibit their photos over there. It’s probably the one and only museum that I will go back again.

Bird Snackbar (Zeedijk 77, 1012 AS Amsterdam) – Amsterdam is so vibrant with international taste bud where a lot of foreign restaurants boasting around the city, probably due to the past Dutch colonial. Bird is one of the famous Thai restaurant in the city, food is comparable to those that you can get in Thailand. Be prepare to queue and squeeze through the restaurant as it’s super packed everyday.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast but not least, Museumplein. It’s not because I’m stuck on top of the sign (obviously I’m the silly one who stuck in between the A) but I like the space in the park. They have an ice skating rink in the middle of the park during the winter months, which is amazing and dreamy. And every year, there’s a lot of concerts and parties held in the plein!

Amsterdam has so much more to offer and everyone can find something to do over there. So, it definitely won’t be my last time there, and I’m pretty sure I’m going back to the Netherlands again very soon! 🙂


Jo. xx


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