Travel Wish List 2015.

It might be a little bit too late to write about resolutions for this year (Well, so does starting this blog). I think I should begin the blog by listing down my travel resolutions for 2015. Though it’s not a firm decision and many factors are affecting it, hence it’s my travel wish list. I don’t want to make a resolution that I won’t achieve.

I’ve travelling quite a fair bit in 2014, hence in the beginning of 2015, I told myself I will cut down on travelling this year as I need to focus on something else in my life. Furthermore, I would like to do more long trips instead of short-hauls. But oh boy, when I look at the world map again, there’s so many places I’ve yet to discover, and the list is just getting longer and longer! So I’ll only list down my top 10 destination on my list that I craved a lot and more towards my realistic planning.

So here we go!

1. New York – for Christmas and New Year

new york 01

I’m that cheesy. It has been my ultimate dream for years (since I watched Home Alone when I was a kid and repeat it every Christmas) and now I’m working towards realizing it this year. It’s always been my dream to celebrate Christmas by ice skating at Rockefeller Center, wandering around Central Park, eating brunch around the city, hustling and bustling around Times Square and witness the New Year’s Eve ball drop! If I’m going there with my loved one, that will be a perfect Christmas.

There’s always time, money, distance blah blah blah constrain however I’m eager to go this year. I feel the urge.

2. Curaçao

curacao 01

I’m an island girl basically, I love beach and sea. After seeing some pictures and spending some time in the Netherlands, it gave me more thoughts about this little Dutch Antillean island. As I have some family over there, it might be possible for me to visit there anytime (if only I have time to go!) But basically, I just want to live by the beach everyday!

3. Australia


Australia isn’t that far from Malaysia hence it’s realistic for me to visit there. I’ve been missing the opportunity to visit there in the past years as I wasn’t living in Asia that time. So now I’m back to this continent for good, it’s time for me to go Australia! I never been there before and I always wanted to go Melbourne. I imagined myself more towards Melbourne girl instead of Sydney, I don’t know why. I love the laid back hippie feeling of the city, I think. But it’s all my imagination (just like my love for New York) so I need to go to Australia to verify it.

And I would love to go skydiving at Gold Coast as well – travel bucket list.

4. Myanmar

I’ve heard a lot of things about Myanmar, good and bad things. I always remember a Burmese girl who keeps telling me about her home country when she’s doing my nails. She keep telling me how beautiful is Inle Lake and I should explore Burma. It’s on my list since last year and I’ve yet to actualize it. As the tourism industry is booming in the country, I would like to visit there before it turns to another mass tourism (the number of tourists are folding up every year already and price is hiking up too.)

5. Japan

Japan is my childhood dream, thanks to all the Japanese comics and dramas that I grew up with. However, I never been to Japan yet, as usual I always miss out the opportunities. Yen is considered cheap at the moment hence why it’s a good time to visit Japan. I always wanted to go Tokyo, but since I get older, I actually more fond of Osaka and Okinawa instead.

6. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Oh my. I probably should visit Siem Reap 4 or 5 years ago but I never made it. I’m planning for a long weekend trip just to check this off my list, as it’s getting on my nerves after so many years, I still never been to Siem Reap yet! (even my parents made it to Siem Reap last year. Gosh!)

7. Lombok, Indonesia

I was suppose to go Lombok last November however I went to Europe instead. I’m still kinda fond of Lombok as I would like to climb on Mount Rinjani. The view from top seems amazing! Then off to party at Gili T. Perfect.

8. Korea

Korea is the perfect girl’s trip destination hence I’m putting it on my list for the annual trip with my girls. Shopping, eating, drinking, all night long, who doesn’t want that?

9. Bhutan/Nepal

I just discovered about a photography trip to Bhutan and gosh I want to do that! But first thing first, I need a proper camera and learn it before I hit on that trip. My sister went to Bhutan and Nepal for her honeymoon, and she made amazing pictures capturing the beauty of the country. I would like to spend some good weeks at that pristine place on earth.

10. Anywhere

Last but not least, I’ll leave that option open. Unknown is the best.


Honourable mention – Lake Tekapo, New Zealand! 

I would love to go for stargazing over there, but first let me get a boyfriend. Because it’s too romantic to enjoy it by myself 🙂


Jo. xx


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