Rome – Where all paths lead to.


I have to say, I didn’t appreciate Rome the way she deserved when I was there.

It wasn’t on my plan to visit Italy, and it wasn’t on the top of my list. I don’t know why, I never favor Italy, as we didn’t study much about Roman history in school. Till I visited it myself, I regretted about everything I said.

I went to Italy on one of my easter/study break, and I couldn’t rave enough about it after that. I wasn’t really motivated by the ancient history of Rome before I went there. All I think about is food, I want proper pasta and pizza. That’s my thought about Italy. However, I got more excited about it after I watched “The Jumper” (which is one of my favorite movie of all time) because that guy travel the world in the way I want.

I was wrong, I was so wrong about it.

Walking around the Colosseum, you feel so small. There’s a tingly feeling running in your body, you can’t help but awe at the glory days of Rome. You want to be a gladiator or live at that era just to watch it yourself. You amazed by their construction and craftmanship, even it might not be the same now. Tho now you might need to push through the crowd in order to have a glimpse of the whole, but you will glad that you see it in real life instead of TV.

** Visit Colosseum or any attractions early in the morning to avoid the crowd, 7am seems to be the best time. 


Of course, Rome is not just about the Colosseum. There are tonnes of things to do, including indulging in all the good food.

There’s a good restaurant at any other corner of the street in Rome, and of course, GELATO. I had so much gelato along my trip in Italy, it’s too good to resist. But I also had one of my best carbonara in my life. I’m lucky enough to get a seat when I stumbled across this restaurant, I wasn’t expect to find it as I was just wandering around that neighborhood and has no intention to look for it. I thought it will be some fancy restaurant, but again, I was wrong. It’s a small quaint restaurant, with reasonable price. I’m even lucky enough to get a seat immediately (with special attention from the waiter) because I was dining alone.

La Carbonara. (Via Panisperna, 214, 00184 Rome, Italy

It wasn’t too far away from the Colosseum and it’s a nice neighborhood to walk around. I was so excited to try their carbonara of course, and gosh it set a new standard for all my pasta consumption. I love pasta, just any Italian food basically. This might not be the best in town, but with the reasonable price and that quality of fresh pasta you get, you just want to eat it everyday. It’s so simple yet satisfying.


Can I have one now?


Jo. xx


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