Bangkok – once is never enough.


Ok. Maybe it just me, but I can never get enough of Bangkok. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been to Bangkok in the past 5 years, probably 10 times aside from all the other trips I made. But every time, it just every time, I discover something new about this place and I fall in love even more with this place.

It’s easy to guess, Bangkok is one of my favorite cities in this world.

The mixture of modern and ancient in one city, the hipster and the folks, the tourist and the local clan, every little things about this city contributes to its charm. Bangkok is the hub for all backpackers, but it caters to posh travelers as well. It’s easy to spot the contradiction in the city, when you can see luxury 5 stars hotel located next to the river, which has some street food just around the corner. There’s even posh hostel for the flashpackers. I can’t shout enough about my love towards Bangkok and most of my friends knew about it.

My first trip to BKK is probably when I was still a kid, thanks to the close proximity to my hometown, Penang. But BKK is also my first destination for solo backpacking 5 years ago. That was a life changing experience as after that trip, I enjoy travelling by myself even more and did a lot of it! Bangkok is so easy to explore, and so much to see, nevertheless safe to roam around the city by yourself as well (as long as you’re being street smart). Yes, there’s a lot of tourist traps around but as long as you’re aware of it and be alert, BKK is truly a charm.

I have some of my favorite spots in the city where I will go back almost every time, and also some places that I’ve been around and really love.

1) Koh Samet – Around 4 hours coach trip away from Bangkok but it’s also the closest island that you can reach from Bangkok. A local favorite for weekend getaway, and also party-goers. Absolutely love this place! (might write another post about this place)

2) Amphawa – A quaint little riverside town for the best view of Bangkok river market. Located 2 hours away from the city, perfect for a day trip. It’s very relaxing and you can shop at their weekend market which featured some local artists.

3) Harmonique (Charoen Krung Road, Bangkok) – A little gem for Thai cuisine, but certainly not hidden anymore. This place is so famous with tourist now as it’s featured on Lonely Planet hence why I don’t go there often now.  Good service, good food with reasonable price, not to mention the atmosphere is really charming.

4) Spring & Summer (Khlong Toei Nuea, Bangkok) – Cosy, hip and relaxing place for a nice evening out. I’ve not been there for a while, but I definitely miss their BTS (better than sex) because it is really good (might not be better, but really good one). They even have chocolate cocktails! (Tho the recent reviews are saying their quality isn’t as good as before, so it might be a hit or miss)

5) Soi 38, Thonglor – This is the best place for entry-level street food in Bangkok. You can get everything you heard about Thai street food (or not) at this street. It just next to BTS Thonglor station which makes it easy accessible. I love this place, just because of its mango sticky rice, namely one of the best in Bangkok and certainly my favorite and must eat in town. You can head for Thonglor’s nightlife around Soi 10 after sampling the street food!

There’s sooooo much more about Bangkok and I can’t name it all. I didn’t even mention about the shopping and touristy stuff of the city yet but you know the drill – I’m going back to Bangkok soon and I will write another updated post about it 🙂

Be right back.

Bangkok 02


Jo. xx


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