First post.

Honestly, I’ve been really struggling to start this blog. It’s been “the project” for many many years.

I’ve been travelling (serious-speaking) since I was 20, and since then I am addicted.

There’s point in life where I feel tired of travelling, because I hate waiting at the airport. And sometimes, you just want to lie in your comfy bed at home instead of some random beds in the middle of nowhere. However, ironically whenever I felt tired of life, I feel like picking up my luggage and go (which I did quite a bit). I learnt so much about myself through every trip, and with every miles I walked I see something new.

I’m not the kind who plans for trip, having itinerary in mind and map in hand. I’m more of impromptu wanderer, getting lost and having fun kind of girl. The only thing in my mind when I travel is food. I will not compromise my calories for bad food. I love to eat and cook, just as much as I love travelling, hence why I’m struggling with my weight all the time. Architecture and scenery (especially beach) are part of the deal whenever I travel as well.

So this blog will be my platform to share my journey as a foodie wanderer, in the past and future. I’ve been to some places, and there’s more that I would like to go. Feel free to share your story and comment as well, as talking to strangers seems to be one of my weird things to do when I travel as well.

A little step may be the beginning of a great journey . 


Jo. xx


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